Favorite Games Shown at E3 2017 Part 2


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Welcome back! This is part two of my favorite games shown off at E3 2017. If you don’t see any games shown off on this list, they are probably in the first part of the list. Enjoy!

Star Link


While the toy/game craze is starting to die out, I was honestly excited to see this action flight game pop up. While I have had my cynical reasons not to get into the Skylanders-style of games, something about this game, Star Link, brought out that kid in me that loved playing with Star Wars vehicles, and playing games like Rogue Squadron. I hope the price for the stuff is good, and that the games are fun enough to warrant the purchase of the toys. Still, I could see myself picking this game up for the Switch.

Beyond Good and Evil 2


Of course, the surprise to take the king of the hill of surprises would definitely be the long awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2. It was probably the one reveal that is still being talked about in a positive light. Sure, some new info has raised some eye brows as to how it’s going to be open world where you will be able to create your own character set in a prequel storyline, and I definitely get the concerns, but who knows. Maybe after hearing some feedback, they will change course a bit, but I’m still hugely looking forward to the game. I’ve waited over a decade for the next game in the franchise, and I’ll be willing to support it when it comes out in a few years or so. Just don’t pull anything, okay, Ubisoft?

Ni No Kuni II


While I’m bummed they took out the monster collecting element from the previous game, and that Studio Ghibli won’t be making any of the 2D cutscenes that were in the original, I’m glad this game got a sequel. I love the look of the world, the characters, and the combat looks amazing, since it’s going to be running at a full 60 frames, which means it will be a smooth experience. I’m just happy one of my favorite games from 2013 is getting a sequel. I can’t wait to put this into my PlayStation 4, and play it from beginning to end, like I did with the first game.

Monster Hunter World


I’ll be honest; I really don’t care for the Monster Hunter franchise. I found the controls to be weird, and I didn’t really find the games that fun, but I always admired what they were doing right, and respectfully understand why so many people around the world love the series. Monster Hunter World definitely looks to be the first time I am willing to officially dive into the main game, with what seems to be a more streamlined or more action-oriented combat system, more tactics to hide from your targets, and more versatile movements. Granted, moving to the more realistic art styles is a bit of a bummer, since I always loved the vibrant colors of the previous games. Still, it’s probably the first time I have been really excited to play a game in the franchise, and hopefully, I will enjoy it.

God of War


When this game was shown off last year, I was excited, since God of War is one of my favorite franchises, but the combat to me looked too drastically different and clunky from the previous games. Still, I loved that they are trying to make this a more story-focused experience, with Kratos traveling with his son and having to deal with the dangers that surround them. Even the combat looked better and more dynamic than the demo shown off last year. Of course, the game looks gorgeous, and you can really get a sense of scale as to how big this game is going to be. I can’t wait to get into another grand-scale adventure with Kratos in 2018.

 Detroit: Being Human


Yes, I know David Cage has a few comments that don’t make sense, and his games do have flaws, but I’m still looking forward to this cyberpunk adventure, where you will be playing a storyline that crosses over with a detective and a group of androids rebelling against human-kind. The game will hopefully go into some solid cyberpunk themes, and the story won’t be an inconsistent experience. I know there are some games that have done the David Cage-style game better, but I still like checking out his games, and that is no different with Detroit: being Human.



I’m always happy when I see a major Yoshi and Kirby game release, so I decided to put them both on the same spot on the list. I just like cutesy stuff like Kirby and Yoshi, and I have enjoyed their main line platforming experiences. First off, Kirby is just fun to play. I don’t mind enjoying a 2.5D platformer that’s just deep enough to be satisfying and yet, fun to play. I’m not always looking for a Dark Souls-style experience or want to be massively challenged and pushed back. Sometimes, I just want to play a game where I am able to play with friends, and have some easy enjoyment.


As for Yoshi, I loved the last game, Yoshi’s Wooly World, and found it to be one of my favorite games on the underperforming Wii U. I hope it can be brought to the Switch, since it would work great as a portable experience as well. This new one has an interesting gimmick, where you can go into the foreground and background of the stage, and I think that could lead to some very creative level design. It might look visually similar to Yoshi’s Wooly World, but I’m fine with that. I think it gives the franchise a new identity. Either way, both games look promising, and I can’t wait to play them.

Fire Emblem Warriors


I’m always impressed with what Omega Force can do with the Dynasty Warriors gameplay system. Time and time again, they have shown that just a few changes to the overall design could change up what many see as a tired series of games. It’s no different here, as they make a new action game with Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series. I like that they somehow implemented what made both series stand the test of time, from Emblem’s weapon system and strategy elements, to Dynasty Warriors’ satisfying combat system. It might be another Warriors-style game to some, but to me, it’s another must-own Warriors spin-off game that I must own.

Super Mario Odyssey


And finally, to round out this solid list of video games, is the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. I can’t explain into words why I’m so excited to see another full-fledged 3D Mario game again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Super Mario 3D World, but it was lacking in what Super Mario Galaxy 1+2 had. Thankfully, we are back to form with Super Mario Odyssey, where Mario travels to different planets, platforming his way across, being able to possess certain enemies with his hat that is being possessed by a hat spirit, and you get the idea. It just looks like a fun expansive experience with our favorite plumber in red. Oh, and you can play this game with a friend, and that’s always a plus in my book.


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