Posted in January 2016

Favorite Games from 2015

2015 is behind us, and 2016 can now begin. Before we start with 2016’s line-up of games, let’s talk about my favorite games of the last year. Personally, I felt that 2015 had a slow start. The very first big triple-A games that came out were underwhelming. That was until games that came out in … Continue reading

My Biggest Gaming Disappointments of 2015

  9. Hatred’s launch and advertising This is on the list for how the developer handled this game. Hatred got a lot of notoriety for being this super-graphic, isometric shooter where you do nothing, but shoot innocent civilians. It got a lot of attention for its controversial set-up, and the developers fought back against anyone … Continue reading

Worst Games/Things of 2015

2015 had some bad games and incidences! Let’s get the train rolling with what I consider to be the worst that 2015 has to offer! 7. Star Wars Battlefront Talk about a game that lost its good will faster than most games. Star Wars Battlefront got everyone excited, but then everyone realized that it was … Continue reading